Wednesday, August 14, 2013


hello dear fellow bloggers! long time no see, no? haha
thank you for always being here, keeping up with some blog stuffs haha

so, i am now no longer a high schooler, those days are over man. :)
so glad can finally become a freshman to my dream major, Architecture.
yes, i now can proudly called myself an Architecture student! :D

though i didnt make it to my dream campus, University of Indonesia but now that is very okay!
i get into University of Sebelas Maret (UNS) in Solo, (i know im gonna be a country girl haha)
and i am very grateful and proud of myself cause all the hard works are paid in the end! :D
you know once the proverb said, "your hard work wont betray you" and that is so true..

im gonna have my orientation day starts from Aug 20th and i dont even know yet what i am gonna do for myself haha i know such a careless peson i am but well yeah, just gonna let my life happens and do the best. awkawkakw..

nothing much happened on my life since the last time i posted!
lets look backwards..
after National exams passed, i just went to course studying hard. not much sih, but that was the best i could do.
moody days came over and several moments i got my self feeling down and yeah, those times were hard for me haha.
i actually stayed in my Aunti's home and that was nice, there were loads of foods which made myself felt home hahaha guess who doesnt love food?! i stayed there in order to accompany my little cousin so he wouldnt be alone at home (since his parents went out of town for days while he was actually havin his exams) and could get through his National exams succesfully since he was in his last year of elemetary school.
that was a pleasure, the kid was also very fun and nice to me. I miss you, dek Upi.. sorry for no longer being able to accompany you :(

and well then what else? ahaha
i skipped several days of my course coz i was lazy (haha but not much!)
and i watched few movies on cinema, alone cause i couldnt stand myself! haha
and yeah and i think thats it..

i took some test to get into college, there were SBMPTN, SIMAK UI and UM UNDIP i was taking..
and alhamdulillah, i get into my campus through SBMPTN :))

UNS was my second option..
i chose, UI, UNS, and UB (Brawiajaya University) for the last.
yeah you know all majoring Architecture haha

those heavy days are over and im so hyped in welcoming my new life page!
gonna miss all those Tamgerang-ish people and things though haha

Ela Amna.. xoxo

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