Thursday, January 3, 2013

Handmade Floral Crown by Me, Myself & I

FINALLYYYYYY! my floral crown finally done :3
after a long time mager to do this but finally i done this hehe

me and Icha (my tablemate) were planning to make floral crown because we saw some mini rose with its many colors in Toko Rico. i was so passionate to bring it home bcs i found these little rose was secyute ahaha :3

these rose were quite cheap for me. for one bundle (12 pcs) you just need to purchase 2.500IDR for one color. and because i brought so many colors, like pink, red, blue, white and orange i purchased 15k IDR :D

How to make this?
It is so simple! all you need are just some little roses and a headband or you can use some wire as alternate.
you just have to curl up the wire of the roses at the headband and you do it continuously until the headband is full of flowers. i know its very simple haha :p
you can add some glue to the headband in case you want the flowers stick more tight to headband haha.

Ela Amna..

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