Saturday, December 29, 2012

its bothering me.

i just dont get it when people complain and argue abt their friendship matter, like having a fake friend or like when they feel like their friends left them behind.

i personally believe that the way people treat you is just the reflection on how you treat them and how you treat yourself.

like.. just be true.
when your friends feel like theyre facing a problem, just try to be there. though you may feel like you are useless but atleast you can cheer them up or even more you can try to give a solution. be true of what you really feel through them. let them know that theyre important to you. so then your friends will be touched with your kindness and consider you as their good or best friend.
if you never try to be there when your friends need you, how could they have a reason to be there too when you need them?

the second point is, just be true. again.
i know sometimes you feel like super angry knowing one of your friends is fake or two faced or hypocriate or anything else. back to my basic thought, i think they may treat you that way because it was you first who treat them that way. just be true, of what you really feel. friendship is about sharing everything, no lies, no bullshits and no heart ache.
if you feel like one of your friends attitude change into sth you think its bad, you can smoothly tell them that you feel bothered. i believe if your friends consider you as their good frends they will hear and think again what theyve been doing that bothering you. time by time both of you can be good again. more over, you did this also for your friends good. i know doing this isnt as easy as saying it.
but all i know, we need to fight for one we love. if none of us wants to fight, there will be no friendship. and after all dont try to judge and blame others for what happened and left behind since no one wants to fight.

again, there is no easy things happen in life. there will be such a matter to make us grow up and be more mature.

and again never wonder and complain abt having a fake friend or you feel like your friends left you behind, it is all back to ourselves.


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