Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Art and Culture Project

last week my art and culture teacher gave us assignment to draw something and make an abstraction from it. well since i didnt really know what i was going to draw, i drew flowers haha at first it was nice knowing that im gonna draw and paint my own creation, and also i was very happy because at FIRST my drawing looked quite nice hahaha -_-

but then, slow but sure my painting became very... abstract -_-
let see how i did this haha

it was fun playing with colors which is my favorite things to do all the time.. haha i love when i mixed the colors up with other colors and i got my self feeling surprised about the result of my mixing haha its nice when you got lovely colors you expected, but its a lil bit disappointing when you got a bad and buluk colors from your fail-and-try mixing huhu
i did it with my friends in group, we painted our own painting together in a same place and same time because the water colors which is the main tools of our project is owned together haha yes its ours :p
it took lot of time for us to get this project done. i dont know why it should take a long time to finish this paint haha :/

and well, TARAAA~
my finished abstraction painting :D

i know you might confuse about which is "the (actual) flowers" i drew haha as my tearcher said, this is the point of painting abstraction, to make people curious and think about what you really draw on your painting haha

before i close this post, i want to apologize to you all my loyal readers (haha) for being so busy lately. school kills me slowly by pressing me to understand and get excellent score in all subject.. i know im a kind of exaggerating, but this what i feel exactly at the moment huhu too many assignments, too many exams, too many killer teachers (not really, but PH really rule my mind -_-) and too many pressure i put on my self.. hoftsaaah :"

by the way, thank you for reading! :D

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