Thursday, August 9, 2012

new life in a place called home.

thank God for giving us another little baby kitten for this three times! :D
untuk ketiga kalinya, Ecci kucing betina yang gue pelihara 2 setengah tahun belakangan ini melahirkan. dan anak-anaknya sekarang merupakan Angkatan Ketiga yang pernah dia lahirkan.

dari Angkatan Pertama, ada dua anak kucing namanya Pecci  & Mecci. I've got a post about them, here they are click! and Alhamdulillah we're still taking a good care to them until now! haha Angkatan Pertama lahir pada Oktober, 22 2011. and now they are going through their first year, and for one more month they will celebrate their very first birthday! yeaaay haha
Angkatan Kedua, ada empat anak kucing, we named them Vidi, Vini, Vici, Vicky. but because we knew that those named was so "illuminate" we prefered to change them rather than use it. guys we didnt do any conspiracy thing, it was just an accident because we didnt know the meaning of it haha because we werent taking a good care to these little baby kitten, we lost them. Ecci brought them to a place that no one knows and voila. we lost em. too bad.........
and now born the Angkatan Ketiga of Ecci's childrennnn at August 7th 2012! Yeaaaay :D

new mommy loves you my little three musketeers :')

Ela Amna.

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