Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Birthday Ela :))

i simply want to thank God for everything He gave to me. all those things in passt 17 years are really making me what i am today. i couldnt be thankful enough for all the happiness.

given the chance of going abroad and loved by the new familiesis really a priceless memories happened to me. and also having best friends who always give a hand when i need it the most. thank you for all the people who made my 17th birthday very unforgettable.

delicious chocolate cakes, colorful candles, the sparkles and the fairy breads. those amazing things were really brighten up my birthday

sincere prayer means everything! I wish God may grant our wishes, friends. :'D

and also priceless birthday gift from best friends! thank you Arum, Ulfa and Rahma for the gift. even though this is so embarrassing but i really apreciate it because this is so so so unyu.. the unyu-est birthday gift that i ever get :p :3

and this beautiful dry plate camera which is actually a moneybox was one of my fave birthday gift. this is so wonderful! thank you, friends friends friends :D

i couldnt be thankful enough for all these happinesses. Thank you Godddd :*

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