Wednesday, July 18, 2012

some photos

indonesian pedicab at language center Narrandera High School
my lovely birthday cake made by Linda. this is very beautiful and colorful! i love it :))
Archery class at Macksville High School. i was very excited because this was my very first time trying archery haha :D
he is Harry my host brother in Narrandera. he was really nice. and actually i was staying with Demitha and Rees family.  and that moment was too unforgettable to be forgotten :p
me in the train. this photo wasn't special but i don't i just like this. i felt cute because actually i was wearing skullcaps haha :p
this is when the female dancers from SMANITRA performed Rapai Geleng traditional dance which is from Aceh at St Patrick primary school. this primary school is not far from Macksville HS, we just had a little walk to reach this school :)
silhouette photo i took in the top floor of YHA. the words on it made a little smile on my face haha SMILE!
white lotus asian food market in Sydney. it was rainy and very cold...
banana and mint gelatto with chocolate on top really made my night! even though the weather was cold, but it was not as cold as the first time i came to sydney, luckily that night was not rainy, so we still could have our delicious gelatto on that night :9
she is Kohia Schofield my beautiful and kind host sister in Macksville. she is stunning just the way she is! and this is when we were given sertificate of apreciation from Bu Lee and Macksville HS :]
they are Baden and Lachy and me of course haha :p
Baden was Gilang's hostbro and Lachy was Garry's host bro. they were very kind and attractive haha :p
MY FUTURE UNI! University of Indonesia symbol plaques i found at consulate jendreal of indonesia in Sydney (KJRI)
this is lovely :))
with Beth Rees. she was my host sister. she is kind and beautiful. i love her long hair to be honest haha
she is a wonderful biker! awesumm :D
random ad i took on the street while in the bus haha :|
Kayak-ing with Kohia! :)
my name sign made from Agnia's fingers haha :')
my name sign on the fog in the airplane. it is awesome haha
sleepy simba. he is Kohia's dog and he is old enough as a dog huhu
2 weeks trip to Aus was very unforgettable and it was very long. i want to share to you guys, what i feel exactly at every moment in there but it's impossible to me to tell you about every single thing i did when i was in Aus, 2 weeks is a long time yet it didn't feel like that.. and so i choose to share you some photos i took in there (that i have editted and posted in instagram). even though this is not satisfy me, because these photos just a little piece of my trip and my intention to you guys, i want to tell you the whole thingssss. okay this start to feel exaggerate ummh. okay i'll try my best then haha! :p

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