Saturday, June 2, 2012

Resume of my May

hello guys! it's been a month from my last post. but you know I still do blogwalking but just got not time and inspiration to write any thing hiks

you know, next monday my school going to hold final exams in this semester. hard to believe that in a moment I will be the 12nd grader. It's time to be more serious and focused for me :')
so then this quick and short post is posted in order to greet you all loyal readers and to inform you about my activity recently. just for your information, many things happend in a month. people changed and I just stayed being me. I felt like I was changing either, but no, it might be just my feeling :p

some good news in May, my sister accepted in FSRD ITB, so glad finally all the time she spent for learning and waiting is now all worth it. New gadget, as you know the laptop I used to use for working on my assignment now is brought by my sister to Bandung. So here I was, just stared at my assignment, trying to solve it but got no facility. And thank God, papa was kind-hearted, he bought me this new thing. just an ordinary laptop but the feeling of getting what you really need is just relieved. Mama was having her bithday in May, just some modest birthday bash. Am going to post the photos soon. And the last is, knowing that I had already knew my billet family. Kohia Schofield is going to be my host sister later. she is very nice, we communicate through email :))

May was full of assignment and daily exams. busy in preparing my self for the final exams and full of drama. the beginning of May was not so nice to me. Hard times I was going through are worth the happiness I get in the end. I couldn't be thankful more than this. Thank God! Alhamdulillah.

Now I'm just going to pray for all the people that had make my May became terribly terrible and full of sadness and drama, and also to thank them because without them I can't learn about life. :p 

Guys, I also need your support and pray. Hope things went very well ahead. Wish I could do the exams and pass in all subjects. Wish I had a safe trip in Aus 2 weeks later. Amin.

Thank you for reading guys.
Warm hug, Ela.

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