Friday, March 30, 2012

My Thursday and The Luck.

Thanks God for sending me another guradian angel to save my life. Papa means so much for me. Kindly treated me and amused me all the way he could. Last thursday I got a bad day. Very bad day. I had to cancel the promise I made to my friends. We intended to watch The Hunger Games, but mom's feeling was unstable. At first she allowed me to go but then she changed her mind. She too much worried about me being hurt by the anarchic demonstrators. I think she was being too much. I'm okay mom, and I'll always be. I was thinking about my friends, I was scared they might be very dissapointed with me and they didn't want to ask me to play together again hiks sorry friends for dissapointing you all, I am really sorry :'(

At night when Papa was coming from the office, I asked him to watch the movie I wanted. I don't want to be that kind of troublesome. I asked him to go to Metropolis Town Square which located not too far from my house. And after we arrived, there was no The Hunger Games played at that cinema. how sad. but we were already in the cinema! my father asked me whether I wanted to find it in another cinema, but no thanks dad. i didn't want to bother you any longer. My sist recommended us to watch The Raid, Indonesian action movie which was booming because it got many compliments from its viewer. and voila we watched it.

you should watch this by yourself. overall this movie was great, but for you who don't bear watching people fighting, bleeding, stabbing and doing many other physical violence, you are not recommended to watch this film. honestly, I couldn't stand seeing people doing many physical violence like that, I watched this film by peeking from the spaces between my fingers. It's already enough for me. hiks. So far the movie was good because the actors were very handsome xixi ^_^

before we watched the movie, we had our dinner in food area. While waiting for the meals, me and Papa went to accessories shop to buy something. aand then I saw something, and I asked my father to buy me this thing. voilaaaaa.

Father agreed to buy me this green Pentax Kr. I was very happy because having new DSLR camera was my old desire. thanks so much, Papa! :*

The day after I bought this, I played with this, my lovely green Pentax Kr hahaha :*

No Guys! I have no intention to show off by publishing this post. I am just trolling you. hahahaha -_-

this fake plastic camera's length is only about 5-7 cm. And yeah, it is really cute. It also can produce its own blitz like normal camera, unfortunately it can not use to take pictures hahaha :p

I am so much happy that father bought me this mini camera, its price was only 20k hahaha
Thank you so much, Papa for being here to entertain your middle daughter hahaha
I can't thank you more, pa.. I Love You, Papa :-*
I also can't Thank God more. Thanks God for every pleasure you've given.
Because every cloud has its silver lining. :)

Sincerely, Ela Amna.


  1. belerrrrrr! gue udah seneng la padahal mah _-_

  2. BAH!!!! RT banget rum.. gua udah mau pinjem tuh padahal *gakmodal*