Monday, March 12, 2012

met a bro!

Saturday, March 10th 2012
so, last saturday I've just met the guy I used to play with and expect him as my bro.
Le me met bro from the past..
(˘ω˘) Image you've just met your bro who haven't seen you for almost 5 years, what feeling will you feel exactly at that time? I believe some people will feel really glad because it is just way too fantastic, meeting the people you never expect to meet again someday hahahaha 

(˘ω˘) Image you've just met your bro who haven't seen you for almost 5 years & you even find it hard to recognize him, but he still clearly remember you like he just met you yesterday. 
the feeling of meeting this kind of people, I just can't handle how glad I am. the one I used to spend time by playing together with. The one who I can always expect as my brother. 

(˘ω˘) Image you've just met your bro who haven't seen you for almost 5 years, and he is just way too different. It's hard to recognize him at all, but then the time I looked those eyes, I just got the clue :D

(˘ω˘)  Imagine you've just met your bro, but he is changing all the way he used to be. he is someone I knew but not someone I can understand now.
But still the same he is friendly. even though mom says he isn't worth be friends with me at all. poor mom, poor me.

Let me tell you how we meet each other. It is way too mainstream, but the feeling is just too awesome.
Me          : (walking on the way home after course with extra kumel face because of the sweat from the aerobic senam-_-)
Stanger : "sst sst! cewek kenalan dong! kok sekarang rumahnya udh ngga di depan lg sih? pindah ke belakang ya sekarang?" (getting closer to the girl)
Me          : (with a panic face) "hah?! siapaaaaaa?" (wth with this stranger, who the hell is he actually? why does he know such that thing?! why does he care about me?! <- the reason of my panicking)
Stranger : "ah masa lupa sih? coba asal sebut aja....." (with his kind of sumringah smile)
Me            : (bingung harus nyebut nama siapa) "ummmh... a' Kiki ya?" (100% ngasal) (takut salah) (kl salah malu nya gak bakal ketulungan nih pasti) 
Stranger : " hehe kok tau?" (getting more closer..) (give a hand) (intention to shake hands) "gimana kabarnya sekarang? baru pulang ya?"
Me           : (the feeing of pengen sujud syukur krn alhamdulillah gak salah nebak haha) (Le shaking hands) " hehe iya baru pulang nih. a' Kiki sekarang disini?"
a' Kiki    : "hehe iyaaa."
Me           : "kok msh inget sm gue?! Kan skrg gue beda bgt. waktu dulu gue gak pake kacamata terus sekarang pake. emgnya ngga pangling apa? gue aja pangling!" (Langsung nyerocos as usual)
a' Kiki    : "ngga dong ngga pangling. kan waktu dulu manis, eh sekarang tambah manis. hahaha geer aja lu! kok sekarang rumahnya ngga disini lg? pindah ke belakang emgnya? rumah sendiri gt?"
Me           : (malu-malu imut) "hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha. ya bisa dibilang seperti itu sih xixi" (masih agak speechless sebenernya bcs the feeling just too awesome) 
a' Kiki    : "hahaha ayo main lagi, ntar malem bisa kalilah!" (berhubung malem ini malam minggu) 
Me           : "yaaah... " (gue udh ngga pernah lagi main sm org deket rumah jadi takut canggung huhu)
a' Kiki    : "yah iya, ela kan sekarang sibuk belajar terus ya la....."
Me           : "hahaha iya tau ajaaaa! hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha"
a' Kiki    : (kayaknya kasian ngeliat gue msh capek) "yaudah deh kyknya ela capek bgt. udh pulang dulu sana istirahat hahaha"
Me           : "hahaha iya nih, yaudah deh. dadah a' Kiki! Kapan-kapan main deeeh hahaha"
Dan akhirnya kita saling waving yang mengisyaratkan bahwa percakapan yg singkat namun menyenangkan ini telah berakhir..... 

Dear A' Kiki, hope we can meet again in a proper time and also proper place! I missed the time we play together with others. been missing childhood very well. :))

sincerely, Ela. :D