Sunday, March 25, 2012

KONY 2012

based on human history, whenever we heard justice, we cared.. but we didn't know what to do. too often, we did nothing. but if we're going to change this, we have to start somewhere, so we're starting here, from Joseph Kony, because now we know what to do. we should show to the government that people cares about arresting Kony. in order to people to care, they have to know about the crimes Kony did. -Jason Russel
this documentary film is really touching me. I am really sad to know that children in africa live with the fear of being abducted and killed. to stop this we have to let other people to know who is Kony and what he did among children in Africa by making him famous. not for appreciating what he had done but for showing to the world that this kind of crime still exist. this is the chance for us to take an action, to stop it, to show that we care about justice. we can do something to stop this and to arrest Kony. we can't just sit and do nothing. this isn't just about Africa, this is about the world, about us.

sincerely, Ela Amna.

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