Sunday, February 5, 2012


     hello there! sorry for being rarely publish something at this blog hahahaha January wasn't as great as I was expected. too much terrible things happen in this month, moreover there's something that ruin my mood. that was the worst one. I'm not sure all of my desprate feeling came from what women say "pms", because it has been too long. why this feeling never gone, it feels like forever. it's been a month I annoyed with this feeling. hahaha ngomong seperti ini kesannya jadi kayak tau banget apa yg saya rasain.. actually I don't even know what I exactly feel lately. what should I do then to reveal this undetected-feeling? huhu bismillah! daripada sedih-sedih mendingan kita mencari ksenangan yg lain haha here are pleasure seekers!
     several days ago, one of my friends (she was Nyimas actually haha) told me that she found a cool website, and she shared me the link. here they are! a website that contained lots of funny picture. the website is really cool. people post some funny photos and it really entertains me well hehe 
here are some photos I found at, not too funny I think. but it's unique & wonderful! I wanna have one of these hairstyle too hehe :S

the one I love the most! lion hair :p
hahaha thanks for some funny pict. sorry for everyone!
ps: maaf kalo banyak salah dan pencitraan bgt T_T
     tengs semuah! cup :*
sincerely, El. xo

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