Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday randomness

hello you all! so at this time, I'm going to tell you things I did on this current weekend hahaha I think you guys should see this music video first, price tag by Jessie J. check this out! hahaha

I've already fallen in love with this music video in the very first time I saw it hahaha I love the way she dressed and had her own style while other singer followed Lady Gaga's style at that time. I love the way she feel confident with her own style, then random thought just passed my head. I want to be like her! having my own style and feeling very confident about it hehe since then I started to adore Jessie J as my idol and made her as one of my inspiring idols hahaha I followed her style without forgetting my own style. I'm actually following her style with my own way and also making my own hahaha #sudahlupakansjaperbincangantidaknyambungini -_-"
these are my favorite part of the video. 
first impression: I want to have that sexy lips. hahaha
so I decided to make one of mine hahaha after a long time period, this plan finally became reality hahaha last friday I made mineee! hahaha meskipun tidak se-seksi punya Jessie J tapi sudah mirip kan tingkat keseksiannya. hahaha it was awesome B-)
eeeeeeeeewwwwwww haha
the feeling was awesome, flickering your lips and be a fantastic artist with your own make up made hahaha

in brief, its never be a shame if we adore someone. but don't forget to respect yourself. be yourself and be confident about it. It always good being different I guess :p

sincerely, Ela. xoxo

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