Saturday, January 7, 2012

kit catz

buona notte! come riferito gli amici?
Good Night friend! today was fun and exhausting. though I didn't attend my english course today because I got an accident (not a real accident I mean haha). today I accidentally got my period, I forget if today is my period time huhu how sad. I've already came to LIA early because I got no where to go after had a lunch with my friends. 15 minutes before my class began, I decided to left LIA and came home soon because I felt so much uncomfortable with my stomach hiks and that's why I skip my english coure today. luckily my mom let me to take a rest eventhough I had no intention to take a rest hahaha-_-
          because I've got nothing to do, at first I intend to do my assignment but the reality I just did some narcist activity because my kitten were so cute hahaha

           the black one, I named him Pecci because he is black and his mother name is Ecci hahaha his mother's fur color is also black, and I named her Blacky and gave her a more girly name "Ecci" because "Blacky" sounded too boyish to me hahaha
this brown one, I  named her Mecci because of the same reason as Pecci has hahaha
                   later, on January 12nd they celebrate their third month in this world they called earth hahaha-_- YA! so it can be concluded that they were born on October 12nd 2011 in my home. very glad, God trust me that I could take care these kittens and give me these angels to my life :') sounds like I'm having my own children, even grandchilden, because I regard Ecci as my very best friend hehe T_T
this picture was taken at December 11st, 2010, one year ago when Ecci came at her first time in my home. when Ecci still a kitten. she's just alike with Pecci :')

now she is a lady cat that bring much pleasure and happiness to my life :))

grazie amico..
sincerely me, Ela Amna :)

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