Saturday, January 21, 2012

CGTS'12 and Architecture UI'13 :D

Guten Abend Freunde! Wie war verbringen Sie Ihre am Sonntag war großartig?
today I attend an event called Campus Goes to School at my lovely SMAN1TRA! :D
this event gave us so many information that we need most when we're going to continue our study to college. the event contained of Castra talkshow, presentation from Preside University and Tarumanegara, sharing with the alumnus and even there were a doorprize too! this year, the stand was divided into several faculties, unlike last year which was divided into several universities, so the information that we got could be even more detailed about the faculty that we are interested to hehe this event was held by the alumnus of Smanitra'51, my high school's senior those have been graduated from school and now they're already become a freshman in their university. they held this event to inform their junior especially the 12th grader those next year will become the freshman too hahaha

unfortunately, I didn't get to come the indoor event, so I just came and visited the stand especially the one that I love the most, Department of Architecture! :) in there, my seniors shared a lot about Architecture, the subjects in Architecture, how to become the Architecture colleger, the payment, the test (simak, snmptn undangan&tertulis, reguler&paralel idk then-_-), their daily activity and all the things they did during their struggle to become an architecture colleger until they became an architecture freshman hehe all their stories was really entertaining and really interested me very mucccccch! feels like I had nowhere to go except Architecture Department, feels like half of my soul had been stuck in there hahaha in love so much with Architecture! :)

wish I could get in and become one of the colleger in the Indonesia University majoring Architecture and get my major name as Ars. Lailatul Amna! AMIN YA RABBAL ALAMIIIIIN! :D
Architecture Department! wait me up for the next 2 years from now! yeayyyy :D

ps: CMIIW (correct me if I'm Wrong, esp in grammar of course) :p
sincerey, Ela A. XoXo

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