Friday, December 16, 2011


assalamualaikum wr. wb

hahahaha well hello friends! this is my second blog account, I'm going to use this to cover up all my bad things in my first account. my first account was made when I was on 8 grade and that's mean all the posts were made with all my unstable feeling and consist of kind of puppy-disgusting-dog love story hahaha well you don't need to take that as a serious thing and you don't need to know. never mind! hahaha

since I'm a funny and humerous person (hahaaha), I can't stop typing 'hahaha' or all-the-type-of-laugh in all the sentences I write. is that weird? I don't think so because yeaaa this is me. I would like to laugh eventhough your jokes were not funny. because sometimes the-jayus-jokes can change into the funny one. I don't consider that as a serious problem because...

...I am the anggota of jayuser hahaha and for your information, jayus is the beginning of a comedy. you need to be a-jayus-person and try some jokes first and after you learn from your jayusness you will find that your jokes have made people laugh and amuse them hahaha although you should receive the bad responses from people who don't get your jokes, but you should try some another jokes that may make them laugh.
you also need to watch with whom you're joking around.

in brief don't be afraid. you need to try and practice some jokes before you throw it to the people.
hahaha practice some friends! be funny :p
yea yea yea yea yea

sincerely me, Ela Amna