Saturday, December 17, 2011

the story behind

do you ever consider why I took "tick-clock-tock" or "tick-tack-toe" for my blog name and also it's link? hahahaaha it is unimportant actually, I just want to tell it to you :p

when this blog was made, I was really confused in the way I'm going to named this blog. too much great word passed my mind but those word just too great  to picture myself, I felt like it was just not really me. then in my very hard thinking, the only sound I heard is from my watch because I was rested my head on my hand and I was using my watch in my hand. so I can clearly heard my watch was ticking hahaha isn't that just awkward? inspiration can come whenever so we should aware and never let our brain forget those inspirations hahaha but that time when this blog was made, I forced the inspiration to come out and that was a very hard thinking for me. It exactly makes me realize that inspiration can come in whatever you do hahaha
sssttt actually these word, "tick-clock-tock" and "tick-tack-toe" definitely mean nothing to me. I just love the way people pronounce it, sounds great and mean nothing hahaha in my recent thought, I was thinking it actually shows about time. time was ticking everytime and we just don't have anytime that can be wasted. I think you should watch Spy Kids 4, that movie shows us when human felt that their time was already passed too fast and they couldn't spend enough time for their love. evidently, there was a bad guy named 'Time Keeper' whostole human's time just for his own desire hahaha essentially, the life lesson we can take is for use our time wisely hahaha

it's you, yeah only you that can conclude and take the good lesson from my post. I.. truthfully don't know what I was thinking, writing and talking about. I'm a teenager, I tell what I feel and what I think.

sincerely me, Ela Amna

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