Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hello, 2018 - it's been a while.

It feels great to have time of our own and be back here again, checking on my blog, that it hits me realizing that it has been so long since the last time I posted and updated my life in here.

So, what is it? The things that basically took my time away that I had not been able just to come visit or even stop by here. (I literally had not been for once checking on my blog - I know it saddens me, also.) It's just.... that I have to do life. It feels nice to stop by here, indeed. Again taking a break from  our boring life --routine, and again its the time for only me and my own mind.

It is not that "the boat has sailed", its just me reaching another step in life, its just now that life has not always been so easy anymore. But thanks to that, in this case - we will always find our ways to learn, and improve and most importantly to get through the day, each time.

It was nice, after I finished my thesis and final project that I still got time to take care of several documents as the requirement for uni graduation, and after that we still had time to take on another adventure which was us going to Bromo. aaand on mid of December we were on our uni graduation (which I am not sure why I haven't posted it here, guess that ain't nobody had time for that :'>)

Then after graduation I found myself busy bc I had to pack and move back to my hometown again bc I had already finished my study which then I had no more responsibility to complete anymore in Oslo. It was indeed quite hectic - but we went through it anyway. And suddenly it was New Year Eve, as far as I knew that I had to get a job real quick bc I was no longer could ask my foster family for pocket money anymore (saad).

I thank Allah Swt for granting my prayer as quick as I have never expected it. I know that God may not always grant and give what we wanted, but indeed that He will always grant for what we need, and it is truly acceptable.

I remember I applied for job vacancy on Dec 28, then right two days after that, I got a notification that I was invited for an interview for the next two days. I was surprised bc I only  had two days to prepare for my very first interview, lol. Imagine that I had never been on an interview before that it scares me to death for me to face my very first interview. It was stressing me out until it made me physically sick right on the night on New Years Eve, lol. But looking back at it now, I feel funny, but once again that its okay, we went through it anyway.... and the best thing yet is I got the job! Alhamdulillah~

And now that's the thing that has been keeping me busy, to fulfill my responsibility of my new job. Its hard adapting to new life, new ambiance, I am still adapting tho it's been 3 months now. And for now, I hope that whatever life put us through, whatever universe throw at our faces, no matter how much we stumble and fall, may it help us to learn and get bigger. 

- May the hardship we face, shape us for the better we are.

Sincerely, Ela.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

BALI PHOTO DIARY #2 - Pura Tirta Empul

As a tourist visiting new places and joining an arranged tour, you would likely to head to such main tourism object. Bali itself known for its traditional culture which still stick throughout the time besides its sandy and wavy beaches for surfing or tanning. And here we were, at the second day of our tour in Bali we went to visit one of its old heritage which was then called Pura Tirta Empul. Pura itself is a place with ancient stones and temple used for Hinduism to pray, which makes the area is a sacred place.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

BALI PHOTO DIARY #1 - Popo Danes

It actually took me exactly a year to finally publish this post. Well, I'm sorry and please pardon my reckless and forgetful self hiks. As you always know, I wouldn't really be here if I had a lot to work on, even though sometimes I would still be here despite my crazy work only just to escape from the mad world and find my peace for a second.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Those Who Helped Me Hold On

Alhamdulillah that Allah Swt still surround me with good people who's willing to be with me through the rooler coaster of life. Alhamdulillah I could always count on them and they willing to help me in the midst of early morning when I had my most hectic days hiks. Then here I am presenting you, my literal susah-senang partner, hiks. The ones I spent most of my college time, literally through fun and hard times; ngebolang sama mereka, ambis juga sama mereka hiks.

1. Annisa Hadny Zakiyaturrahmah

The mother, the older sister of ours. Alhamdulillah makasih banyak ya Nisaak!
Thank you for your prayer, your patience in listening to my keluh kesah semasa studio, your never ending support and motivational quotes that never fails lifting up the mood, your patience in teaching me stuffs and especially the time you've spent with us even though you don't really have to hiks. Thank youuu, saat di saat saat terakhir ku panique belum buat video dan kamu hadir memberikan tutorial hiks alhamdulillah, makasih banyak ya Nisaaak.. :''')

2. The Kopla yet Always There - "TIM SAKSES"

Teman lala lolo, yang hampir setiap hari nginep, dari bangun tidur sampe tertidur-tidur. Susah bareng, dari panik sampe nangis semuanya udah ngerasain, insya Allah seneng juga bareng-bareng terus wkwk. Thank you my friends, my personal human diaries and couch potatoes; Song Prasetya Sujanra, Leoni Damarani dan Ariani Nurfakhirah. I can't actually believe that we did it together. Alhamdulillah, rencana lulus bareng alhamdulillah kesampaian dengan kalian hiks ku terharu sekali. Thank you Leoni for always randomly providing us some snacks whenever she had one when working on Studio! Thank you guys, for your time - every second, every moment we've spent together after all this time, even though at the last submission date of studio I couldn't make it to work together at Sujan's. but still thank you for everything. :'') x

3. Salma Ali Basalamah

Temanku yang sempat hilang tak berkabar karena sering pulang finally be here again, hiks. One of those I'm mostly glad to befriended with. The most random - the one's who's willing to accompany me when I asked to go on a /artificial/ date with me, lol. The one's who's sincerely asking whether they could help and actually helped me in buying snacks for the lecturers & examiners, hiks. My literal life savior - krn tangannya yang panjang bukain gerbang kosan akuh meskipun besoknya sama ibu kos jadi digembok pagernya hiks wakaka
Thank you very much my cherry berry for everything you've done and every kindness and support you've given, I'm sorry if I'm not yet able to be that kind of friend you always needed, but one thing for sure is that you know that I always pray for Allah Swt to return your every good deeds, and for Allah Swt to always light your way and help you in whatever path you are going. Good luck working on your research and final project! Don't forget to enjoy the process, insya Allah I will be near whenever you need, mwah <3

4. Fauziah Praba & Ismaniasita Nur Febrianti

Terima kasihhh banyakkk Ucikkk - for being kind enough to pick up early morning when I had my final seminar and accompany me hehe terhura hiks wkwkw. Thank youuuu Sitaaa; partner galau, partner MMA yang kalo lagi ngerjain bareng di lattetude suka bengong krn mikir dan kl lagi gitu suka ngeliat ke arah gue sampe gue bingung wakaka just then thankyuuuuu <3

Thankyou my literally partner susah senang, sukses terus buat kita kedepannya. Semangat revisian bagi yang revisi, semangat garap jurnal, semangat terus buat kedepannya. Semangat Idang yang besok Senin sidang, semangat Salma, semangat Ucik, we'll always be near whenever you needed. <3

You guys know that every kindness and good deeds will always be remember to whoever receiving it, so thank very much for literally being kind to me and literally sticking up to the thick and thin. I honestly don't know how else I'm gonna survive my college years - especially these past few months when we worked on our final project. I'm sorry if I'm not yet able to return all those bliss you guys have given, but sure thing is I always try my best to be a good friend to y'all and pray that Allah will always blessing our way in whatever we do.

Alhamdulillah masih dipertemukan dengan orang-orang baikkk, bersyukur sekali rasaya bisa menjalani kuliah bareng-bareng kalian semua hehe terima kasih sudah mau diajak dan mengajak senang bersama serta ambis bersamaaa, terima kasiiiih!

Best regards, ur one and only elctrc. <3

Alhamdulliahirrabilalamiiin, Finally You're Here.

So, which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?
Maka, nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kau dustakan?
Alhamdulilllah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

I honestly can't express how much I'm grateful to the part I am stepping in right now. To (un)officially getting my Bachelor Degree is indeed a way one's has never been imagined oh so dearly. I prayed and worked hard to reach this stage of life - to finally pass my Studio then final seminar phase.. Alhamdulillah..

(Honestly I'm not really fond of writing this up right now because I'm not sure whether its because I'm losing the hype already or I'm still tired or just because I've already wasted the hype when I was submitting my panel before or else, but still, I kind of feel that I have to share my gratitude towards those who are close and responsible enough to my succeed this time. So then, just let me be. Ok.)

At first I thought that my Studio period would be hard enough - but it turned out to be not that kind of hard I've thought before. When I was on it, it was honestly that hard until the thought of giving up literally crossed my mind. Back when I was working on my concept book, I was struggling with analysis, mind maps and wordplay, but when I entered Studio period it means that I have to start designing based on my concept I have done before, it just somehow frustrating. I didn't know why, but it just is.
You would've known how much I'm complaining & ranting about this stuffs if you followed me on twitter throughout my studio's pressuring times, hiks heheh (I'm so sorry twitter fellas!)

I think its because the pressure we put on ourselves. Moreover if its me. I expected my design to be a green grand design the one that deserving a post on, lol. But then I realize that my ability on using software still so-so. So then, you know. I am self-conscious enough that designing itself is a process. You can't have one fixed grand design before you pass several revision and also alternate design. And to that is already pressuring to me.

First week of my studio I couldn't really work on my design since I got my laptop repaired because the battery wont charged and have to be plugged in all the time, which means when the electricity's out my laptop would suddenly shutdown and my work would be lost. And because I thought I still got time before 'seriously' working on my design, I spare sometime for my laptop to be repaired, and Alhamdulillah after that it can start working properly again even though at first it still wont charge and freaked my self out, hiks.

Lacking inspiration, lacking motivation, lacking energy, lacking sleep, too much stress and pressuring times are indeed the most battling event I have ever overcome. And to that, comfort is indeed the most dangerous threat along with ease. The most struggling battle is indeed that battle inside yourself. I'm sorry if this gonna sound like I am again ranting about my studio phase even though I did, hiks. Tapi bener deh, kalo disuruh ngulang lagi gue juga rasanya ntaran dulu aja hiks wkw :'')

Tapi ya gitu, despite being stoned bc of the stress (bc you will get no idea what u have to do to overcome the stress) I tried hard to look on another perspective. Nothing is really a dead end unless you start seeing what's on the other side, there's got to be something else, right? I determined myself enough to get myself to stay positive, stay productive, stay inspired and stay focused.

And also to remind my self that the most important part is "progressing", doesn't matter that it was a slow progress bc at least you are progressing (bc I used to think that I need to gain my mood to be inspired bc once I'm inspired I would finish my assignment fast, but this time it's different). They say, "enjoy the processes, respect the process." And to that I keep rooting it in my mind. And to remind myself that this all shall pass, so that I don't need to stress it over exaggeratedly. Insyaa Allah..

Its hard enough battling the stress within you, till I found my lecturer didn't complain much of my design as much as I did. Even that sometime I felt like my lecturers didn't really come with a brainstorming ideas, but then I thought it was okay. But it was indeed upsetting, until one day I came to my lecturer to show them my 2684315th design progress, and she said that it was already okay, "yang penting sudah terlihat usahanya." hmm. Although it sounded like a small saying, but it did mean a lot to me. It gives me enough fuel to progress more, alhamdulillah.

I keep asking my family to pray for my wellness and for Allah Swt to give me inspiration because lacking inspiration is indeed that torturing, hiks. It felt like the insecurity is consuming you. This is literally me working on my final project with major anxiety hiks wkwk.

Terus yaudah deh, getting closer to the due date because we had to submit the Detailed Engineering Drawing, Transformation Design, Panel and Rendering of our design in order to get our final seminar schedule. And then joining the Final Project Exhibition. It was indeed a proudly yet touchy moment for me. Yang biasanya ngeliat orang lain pameran tugas akhir namun kali ini bisa ikut pameran dan memamerkan karya kita sendiri, alhamdulillah. (Nah makanya gue merasa bahwa ke-hype-an tugas akhir gue lumayan gue habiskan disini krn indeed disini gue bangga banget, haha.)

Submitting my drawings on Monday, Sep 4th 2017, alhamdulillah I could finally at least breathe some air and rest a bit before continue working on my concept book revision, working on design report, doing video rendering and design presentation. (wah masih banyak juga ya - ya yang penting bisa tidur dulu bentar hahah)

Kemudian tibalah hari H setelah sehari sebelumnya temen-temen gue udah pada sidang duluan. Yup, I got my final seminar on Friday, 15 September, the second day of final seminar day. Setelah sebelumnya lumayan panik krn tiba-tiba ibu dosen minta video animasi rendering yang di mana sebelumnya gue gak berniat bikin krn takut gak sempet, tapi akhirnya disempet-sempetin dan alhamdulillah jadi juga lol (gue bangun jam 4 shubuh, yang di mana sidang gue sendiri dijadwalkan jam 8 PAGI PEMIRSA, dan gue masih harus rendering kemudian edit buat gabungin video dan ngasih suara yang kemudian pas gue export videonya, ternyata gue exportnya ke format yang ga pake suara, doh wkkw :'')) 

Kurang hectic apa coba hiks, udah mana gue juga latihan presentasinya nyolong-nyolong waktu hiks, untungnya presentasi kemarin nggak se-grogi dan se-nervous waktu seminar hasil sih, krn disini gue ngerasa gue udah jenuh dan capek banget, jadi kayak: yaudah presentasi biasa ajalah, toh juga kemungkinan terburuknya paling ditanya-tanyain. And indeed thinking that way makes me more relaxed in doing my presentation, just letting it out because somewhat what you wanted to say and present is already on your mind, alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah that I got my lecturers who are very kind and supportive (even though they are indeed pressuring sometimes, lol). Alhamdulillah that I done my presentation successfully without no significant doubt, hardship and question, and to that - alhamdulillah to be able to answer the questions smoothly, meskipun ada beberapa pertanyaan yang butuh pencerahan dan pemahaman karena kemampuan berpikir saya yang sudah lelah hiks wkwk. Thanks to Bu Yuni my luvly Dospem 1, yang sudah membantu melihat dari perspektif lain mengenai pertanyaan dosen-dosen penguji sehingga saya mampu menjawab dengan lancar karena sesungguhnya semua pertanyaan itu jawabannya sudah ada di design saya, alhamdulillah wkwk :'')

Jadi, kurang lebih begitu cerita gue mengenai perjalanan studio gue kemarin. Disatu sisi gue merasa kenapa gue terbuka banget nyeritain segala keluh kesah gue ke dunia maya gini, tapi di satu sisi juga bodo amat sih. Semoga tetap bisa bermanfaat bagi yang baca. Yang jelek-jeleknya nggak usah diambil, yang bagus-bagusnya aja yang diambil ya gais seperti beberapa quote yang cukup menginspirasi gue untuk tetap terus maju and "fuck it off" hiks wkwk :')

There's no long story short for me to tell you how suffering it is to pass senior year and working on your final project, but what I can tell you is that; It will be worth it in the end. :)
Its again on how you push yourself to the limit, because sometimes, in order to grow you need to be placed in a circumstance you need to adapt and grow, that's how push yourself to be better each day. That you will realize that you are getting better each day, Alhamdulillah.

Gue percaya banget sih emang, tiada hasil yang akan mengkhianati usaha. Ya meskipun gue juga ngerasa gue ngerjain tugas akhir kemarin itu udah sebisa gue banget, tapi sebagai manusia kita juga ga boleh cepat puas. Ada aja yang gue rasa kurang, tapi yaudah. Finish, not perfect, It's okay.

Dan di satu sisi gue juga terharu, banget, tiap orang yang bener-bener tau perjuangan gue bilang, kalau mereka bangga sama gue, and that I'm actually deserving my degree krn mereka tau gue bener-bener struggle dan ngerjain semuanya sendiri (ya kecuali maket yah). Gue juga kadang iri kok sama temen-temen gue ngeliat mereka ada yang ngebantuin, tapi disatu sisi gue sendiri tipe orang yang gak enakan kl minta tolong orang lain selama gue tau gue masih sanggup ngerjain (ya meskipun pake nangis-nangis dikitlah, haha)

Lagian kalo dipikir-pikir gue juga gak pernah  sendiri sih hehe. Alhamdulillah masih dikelilingi dengan orang-orang baik dan pintar yang mau juga melihat gue pintar dan berkembang. Terima kasih banyak yaa Nisak udah ditutorial video render, terima kasih banyak Abi udah installin Vray 3.4 dan dengan sabar tutorial render foto meskipun gue lemot dan batu hehe. Gak lupa juga terima kasih kepada Jeki karena telah menginstall Lumion pada laptop gue long long ago jadi gue gak perlu repot repot install lagi di laptop gue hehe.

Alhamdulillah, terima kasih banyak laptopku Asus X550Z for bearing it up with me, terima kasih sudah kuat diajak ngerender dan begadang malam-malam, mamak tidak tahu harus bagaimana berterima kasih padamu nak hiks. Alhamdulillah for my billet family for giving me such laptop that's very useful. It's indeed never a wrong thing to do - to invest on such a high-spec gadget. (Padahal laptop gue ga high-spec amat sih tapi alhamdulillah banget masih mumpuni untuk ngerjain tugas akhir hehe) Alhamduulillah..

Thank you Studio Tugas Akhir for shaping me for who I am today, for making me again learning about new stuffs from those people I admire and again pushing myself to the limit each time. Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah life mission sudah tercentang satu.
Alhamdulillah motto hidup insya Allah ter-terapkan terus, yaitu: to learn something new everyday.
Jadi inget dulu gue suka dikatain orang banget kl gue bilang gue mau learn sth new everyday, but I'm really grateful to that bc that what's burning my spirit till I can reach this day, alhamdulillah.

It is indeed other people underestimation that keep you going, to prove them wrong and to show them that you don't need their approval to be what you are. Just keep on going and reaching out for that dream you've been chasing, insyaa Allahh may Allah always light and guide our way through whatever we've been dreaming.. Amiiin.. :D

Sincerely, your so dearly (I'd love to call m'self) Architect.
Xx, Lailatul Amna S.T